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Great Catholic Books to further enrich your faith!

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American History you never learned
This book should be read by everyone. It teaches us how deeply rooted the Americas’ and particularly the United States were founded and set-up as a Christian Nation. Christianity was the building block upon which our Nation prospered. By ignoring our roots it is no wonder that we are in such a sorry state today.

Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin on the Mountain of La Salette
The apparitions at La Salette clearly foretold of the conditions that we are living today.
Read this book to understand more clearly how destructive the path is that we are on. But,
the Blessed Virgin tells us not to despair. Learn how to change this path of destruction!

American History you never learned
Bible Chapters - Reference Guide
This lists each book of the Bible giving a brief description of each chapter. It also has
much more information about the Bible. An excellent book for Bible study groups.

This is a very basic booklet. Similar to the old Baltimore Catechism, it is set up in a
question and answer format. English only.

Spanish Catechism
This is an excellent catechism printed in full color.

Come Sit with Me

A beautiful book of 68 meditations before the Blessed Sacrament. This book has changed manylives. Use it whenever you want to feel close to Jesus! Large Print $4.95 Reg.

How to Pray the Most Holy Rosary

This booklet has all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, with a meditation section called "The
Mysteries as they may apply to today's society". This is a book that gives plenty of food
for thought.

Marylike Crusade

This is also known as The Marian Dress Code. Learn if you or someone you know is wearing fashions that make Heaven blush!

On The Road to Heaven

Reminders from the Master from the Gospels. A list of the things Jesus tells us we must do to get into heaven.

Patriotic Rosary

This Rosary booklet is for the Consecration of our Nation! Help bring America back to God before it's too late.

Pieta Prayer Book

An outstanding prayer book which has sold millions of copies! Available in English and
Spanish, large print or regular.

Secret of Happiness

This is a booklet of the fifteen prayers given to St. Bridget. Learn of the marvelous promises made to anyone who prays them for one year!

Saint Joseph

Novena in Honor of Saint Joseph

Truth & Tradition

Guidelines for practicing Catholics.