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Making the Rosary

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Making this rosary is not difficult, but does require practice to acquire speed. Patience is the key.

Following are the simple steps to make a bead rosary:

1. String one end of the cord through the cross and tie off with a slip knot. This is a temporary knot and will be removed later. You need about 5 inches of cord to make this slip knot. An easy and quick way to measure 5" is to use the 2 "Our Father" and the 3 "Hail Mary" beads at the bottom of the jig.

2. If you are using the waxed twisted cord, pinch the end of the cord and thread it through the eye of a "doll" needle. Pinching the cord flat helps to thread the needle easier.

3. Thread an "Our Father" bead followed by a spacer or a knot. Do the same for the 3 "1-tail Mary" beads followed by one spacer and another "Our Father" bead.

4. Continue adding the rest of the "Hail Mary" and "Our Father" beads for the remaining decades.

5. Thread the needle through the first spacer after the second "Our Father" bead, through the second "Our Fattier", the 3 "Hail Mary" and the first "Our Father."

6. Hold the needle firmly in one hand and untie the slip knot from the cross.

7. Slide the cross over the needle, and pull the needle and string completely through the hole in the cross and tie the two pieces of string together with a knot. The end of the strings may or may not be even. If they are not even, do not make them even, just make sure both ends are tied together.

8. Between the cross and the first "Our Father" leave approximately 1" of string. Tie 3 half knots to hold the cross on. Cut off the excess string and burn off the ends with a candle or a soldering iron. There is less of a tendency to burn your fingers by using a soldering iron.

9. Congratulations! You now made your first beaded rosary

Please understand that we are an Apostolate and not a business. It is our fervent hope that every Christian around the world may know our Blessed Mother and of this most precious gift from her, THE ROSARY!